1. Lights

Buy motion lights or light timers which will allow you to program your lights. This will make it appear as if someone is home by having the lights turn on and off at scheduled times.

2 – Mail Deliveries

Cancel or put on hold all regular mail deliveries, such as newspapers and subscriptions. This will prevent mail from piling up and drawing attention to your home.

3 – Security Cameras or Systems

Purchase security cameras or invest in security systems, that way you can watch your home while on vacation. These can be purchased online, or from a trusted retailer. The best security cameras will have infrared night-vision capabilities, motion detection, and remote/mobile viewing.

4 – Social Media

Hold off on posting vacation pictures, check-ins and trip plans to facebook and other social sites! Wait until you are back home to post as this will prevent people from knowing that you are not home.

5 – Outdoor Maintenance

Hire a professional or friend to take care of your lawn and driveway while you are away. An uncut lawn is an obvious sign of absent homeowners.

The best way to feel relax on holiday is to ensure that your valuables and home are properly insured! Giving you peace of mind while unwinding on a beach or simply at the cottage.