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Home insurance is changing.  Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.  As a result, claims costs are escalating and home insurance prices are on the rise.  Insuranceman.ca can help navigate you through these “troubled waters” and customize a plan to protect you. Let the insuranceman.ca do the shopping for you!

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What is an Online Home Insurance Quote?

With a home insurance quote online, it estimates the costs to protect you from additional damages. When you request a quote using our online tool, you will see a breakdown of the premium as annual and monthly. 

A range of factors determine the premium and depends on your home insurance policy. Insurers can describe different types of coverage. Still, focus on what perils the policy excludes and protects you against. 

Mostly, the greater the volume of perils found with a home insurance broker policy, the more expensive the premium. Our quote comparison is the fastest way to find secure home insurance coverage at a low price. 

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Types of Home Insurance Coverage

In general, you will find three types of coverage offered for you to choose from. These tiers offer similar coverage, but the amount of coverage provided differs. 

Basic Home Insurance 

The insurance is excellent for homeowners needing to save cash. o you get the least amount of coverage on home and contents. Thus, it protects only explicit perils named in the policy. So, if mentioned in the policy, you have protection against it. 

Broad Home Insurance 

With this home insurance policy, you get more coverage as it provides coverage for the home and named perils. Some insurers describe it as a standard policy. 

Comprehensive Home Insurance 

It is the most expensive home insurance coverage as it applies to all perils except an exclusion list mentioned in the policy. Therefore, it is also known as the All Perils Policy. 

The Key Elements of Home Insurance Coverage

As important as choosing the type of coverage you need, you can also decide what you want to include in the policy. While the coverage consists of property and liability, content coverage and the additional living expenses are negotiable. 

Property Coverage

This coverage protects the structure of your home from damage like burglary and fire. The coverage is based on the home’s replacement value, not the market value. 

Liability Coverage 

Here you have two aspects the first deals with bodily injury, while the second deals with damage to the property. If someone hurts themself in your home, the personal liability portion protects you if found negligent. 

Hence, the insurance will pay for the person’s medical expenses, including dental or surgery. But it does not protect you or a member injured on the property. Second, if you cause unintentional direct loss or damage to another person’s property, that section protects you. 

It also applies if a child in your care that is 12 years and older or younger causes damage. 

Content Coverage 

The insurance protects your personal property when at home or carrying it with you, like a phone or laptop, and it gets stolen. 

Added Living Expenses 

You are covered in an event if you are temporarily displaced away from your home due to a claim.  

Optional Home Insurance Coverage and Endorsements

No matter the policy type you choose, it will not cover everything and might exclude coverage against some perils. These are exclusions as follows:

  • Flood protection – it is essential coverage to add to your policy to give your flood protection. Hence, you will need to add these as two endorsements, as several flooding types are available. In addition, you get overland water and sewer backup. 
  • Debit and Credit Card Forgery – it is essential as the coverage will offset any financial loss due to forgery. 
  • Earthquake coverage is listed as an exclusion, and adding it will protect you from an earthquake if it ever happens. 
  • Identity theft and fraud – when added, and it does happen. The coverage will help you to pay for the loss caused by identity theft. 

These are a few things excluded, and it is best to read the exclusion list presented where you get a quote.

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