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If you are looking for car insurance, you have come to the right place. The Insuranceman.ca online quoting tool searches pricing from 10 different insurance companies.   Our team of trusted insurance advisors are standing by to find you the best price and coverage.  You can be sure that our team of experts will help you match the best price with coverage that protects you properly.

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Insuranceman.ca  enables drivers to save an average of $720 through car insurance quotes.

What is Online Car Insurance?

With online car insurance quotes, you get estimates on premiums for car insurance. Insurance brokers calculate your quote using the provided information like the model, age, make of car, how long you are driving, and postal code. 

With each insurer, you get different unique formulas to determine the coverage on your car. No matter what information you provide, even if it is the same. After applying for a car insurance policy, the insurer will figure out what risk you pose for them. 

What is the likelihood of you getting into a vehicle accident, and how expensive will that damage be? What can influence your premium:

  • Your age and the first three letters of the postal code provided
  • How long have you been driving 
  • The model of the vehicle you want to insure 
  • Your insurance history 
  • Your license level and gender 

You will be placed in a specific rating group depending on the answers provided to determine how much you will pay. 

Factors Affecting Your Car Insurance Quote 

Automobile insurance companies consider many factors when calculating your quote:

The Vehicle Type

The vehicle you drive can impact the premiums you pay, as some cars have added risks of being stolen to higher costs to repair. 

Commute Distance 

The distance you travel daily can also affect your premiums. For this reason, you are asked what the usage of your vehicle is. If you drive less, then your car insurance premium is less.

Driving History 

If you have a clean driving history, you can pay a lower premium than someone with an accident history and tickets.


Where you live also makes a difference, as some areas have a higher risk of collisions and theft. Furthermore, your age also plays a role. For example, you can expect to pay less if you are 25 or older. 

The Coverage Type 

The larger your scope of coverage, the higher the premium. So, if you are willing to take a higher deductible, the cheaper the rate.

Forward Sortation Area 

This is the first three letters of your postal code as it is used as markers to help set up a rate, as location can affect future claims. Hence, they look at theft, incidents, and insurance fraud.  

Driving Experience and Claims History 

The longer you have had your license, the cheaper your car insurance. The same applies to your claim history with other insurance providers.

Why Compare Car Insurance Quotes?

Comparing car insurance quotes will determine what company is right for you. Insurance providers charge different premiums to provide the same coverage. Hence, it allows you to find the savings you need. 

Insuranceman always makes insurance simple and transparent for you. You can find offers for the best car insurance based on your needs when comparing quotes. Contact us to learn more.

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