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Off to school insurance tips for students and parents

With fall coming around, so is the start of the school year! That means that thousands of students across the country are off to university or college. Heading back to school can be a stressful event for both the students and parents. Although, by being properly insured and following a few Insurance Man tips students can welcome this new chapter in their life with open arms! 

That’s what insurance man likes to call a job well done!

Campus coverage basics

Students who live on-campus

Students who are living in dorms or ‘residence’ for their first year are likely covered by their parent’s home insurance policy. Although, it is important to be aware that some policies might limit the amount of coverage offered!

Students who live off-campus

Students who live off-campus and are full-time students are also covered by their parent’s insurance. The amount of coverage and the maximum age of the student differs from company to company. Check with your insurance broker for details of your own home insurance policy. 

Students eligible for auto insurance discounts

Most companies offer discounts on auto insurance if the student is residing away at school for the year. The distance from school to home will determine eligibility for the “student away at school” discount.

Taking precautions on campus

Leave the valuables at home

Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry! That is why when deciding what to pack for University or College students should avoid bringing unnecessary valuables. Leave the expensive jewelry, watches and electronics at home where they will be safe.

Create an inventory of what you brought to school

While packing for back-to-school make a list and take pictures of everything that is being brought! That way it can be looked back on if a loss occurs and will make it easier for an insurance claim to be settled.

Always lock your dorm room

Dorm room thefts are bound to happen at University or College. Which is why students should lock up even if they are just leaving for just a short period of time. Students living with roommates should also make sure that they are doing the same. 

Don’t leave your valuables unattended

Valuable items, such as laptops and phones should never be left unattended.  Never leave laptops at the library, dining hall, or other public places. 

Keep the flames out

Candles and cooking-related fires are a leading cause of many campus fires. While cooking students should always keep eye on their food to make sure that it is not burning! The same goes for candles, never leave a candle burning while you are out of the room or gone to class. The candle might smell good but a building fire doesn’t!